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MAY 17, 2019

Why apply? 

Participants will have the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience  related to the tools, protocols, and practices from the growing bodies of research and implementation on Improvement Science and Design Thinking. Teams will also receive follow-up support and coaching from SCOE ESS staff during the 2019-20 school year.

Sonoma County Office of Education is able to offer participation in the 2019 Summer Institute at no cost to participating district teams.  As an additional benefit, participants will receive a $450 stipend* and district teams are eligible to apply for funding to accelerate the impact of their team’s efforts to support student learning during the 2019-20 school year.

*Participating administrators are not eligible for the stipend. Funding for the stipends will be sent by SCOE to the district of each eligible participant following the completion of the Summer Institute, and districts will then pay those individuals directly.

How to apply?

Sonoma County districts are invited to have up to 2 school teams apply for participation in the 2019 SCOE Summer Institute. Each school team should include 3-6 teachers, counselors, and/or support staff from the same school site + a site administrator + a district administrator.

STEP 1: The attending district or site administrator completes and submits the Intent to Apply online form included here by Wednesday, May 1st.

STEP 2: To complete the application process for the 2019 SCOE Summer Institute: Tools for Transformation, each member of your team will shadow a student, at a school in your district, for a ½ or full day of school.


After completing the student shadowing experience, each team member will individually complete the 2019 Summer Institute Application online form included here by Friday, May 17th.


Please follow the Shadow A Student guidelines, included as a downloadable PDF below. Your team's application will be reviewed when each team member has completed the shadowing and reflection portions of the application. Please note, each member of your team must complete and submit an online application by Friday, May 17th, 2019 in order to be considered.  


Why shadow?

Shadowing a student will help ground your team’s learning and collaboration in what matters most in your work: your students. Shadowing a student provides powerful observations that help us empathize and take new actions in our classrooms and schools.  


Many teachers, principals, and district leaders across the country are shadowing the students they serve and sharing stories about the fresh insights they’ve gained.  Listen to stories from the national Shadow a Student Challenge featured on the Most Likely To Succeed Innovation Playlist here.


You can shadow a student at your school or in your district by following 4 steps:


1.  PREP. Choose a date. Select a student at your school or in your district.


2.  Request permission to shadow a student. A sample Student Permission Slip is included below.


3.  SHADOW your student through a ½ or full day of school. Use the Shadow a Student template below  to guide your planning & thinking.


4.  REFLECT on your observations. Share 1 powerful new insight + 1 question that shadowing a student provoked by completing the 2019 Summer Institute: Tools for Transformation Application.


Additional Shadowing Resources:

School Retool has developed an extensive toolkit to support educators in shadowing a student. We’ve drawn from some of the tools to create the 2019 Summer Institute application. Feel free to check out the additional video and workbook resources to help guide your own student shadowing experience.


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